5 Minute Bible – short | crisp | provocative

by Judy Redman

Tim Bulkeley is British by birth, Kiwi by choice and an excellent biblical scholar. His  5 Minute Bible series provides 5-6 minute podcasts that give provocative insights into current biblical scholarship. He is currently doing a series on humour in the Bible which begins with the introduction of Saul. He also outlines a five step process for finding meaning for today in biblical texts:

  1. What DID the story mean? (i.e. what was it supposed to communicate to its early hearers?)
  2. What are the differences that make a difference? (i.e. what has changed that either makes us likely to misunderstand, or that make our situation significantly different from theirs?)
  3. What does it say about God? (If the Bible is about God then each passage will tell us something about God. And Scritpture IS about God and NOT about us.)
  4. How do we understand this in the light of Jesus? Or, in the case of an Old Testament passage: How does Jesus complete or fill out what is here?
  5. How does that work today?

The site also contains podcasts of reflections on each of the E100 readings (50 Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and 50 New/Second Testament) which give an overview of the content of the Bible.

So, altogether this site is a really nice audio introduction to the Bible.


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